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Say hello to customisable production: Adidas embarks on shoe recycling project

Adidas is to lead a European Commission-funded cross-industry WRAP Consortium project, Sport Infinity, researching recyclable sporting goods.

The German sportswear company says almost 30% of all material used in sportswear production is wasted, most ending up in landfills.

The project aims to identify and develop innovative recyclable materials which will enable the production of easily customisable products, allowing greater design freedom. 

It says every gram of a football boot could be broken down and recycled into a 3-D shapeable material for the next creator to mould without the use of adhesives.

 “The new manufacturing method which will be piloted in Europe in Ansbach, Germany, allows us to bring production to where the design happens and, more importantly, to where the consumers are. Say hello to customisable production, ranging from modular factories to in-store personalisation,” said adidas.

“The new super-material will make every sports fan a product designer. A pair of boots can be restyled as often as the wearer wants without worrying about waste. Whether to keep up with the latest trends or react to on-pitch needs, the football fan of the future will never wear old boots again.”

Footballer Leo Messi has donated his boots to the project. He said: "I am proud that adidas is working to make sure that all of their boots, including mine, are being made in a way that protects the environment. For me, this is the future of football."

source: footwear magazine

A.T.S is Advanced Tracking System of Anzani Robot System Automation.

Advanced Tracking System is the old manual conveyor converted in order to use the most advance technology.


The Advantages:

 1. Can fit on every layout

2. heat treatments integrated into the structure of transport 

  • Embedded A.T.S Ecojet
  • Embedded A.T.S Anidros NIR
  • Embedded A.T.S Turbo Frost

3. Compact foot print 

4. Reduced power consumption

5. It can be adapted to every kind of production 

6. Loading and unloading operations eliminated 

7. High efficiency

8. High quality



Join us! Join the future now!

Athletic footwear and apparel event to launch in Annecy

The first edition of SportsGear Sourcing Days is to take place in Annecy, France, from December 17-18. The event will provide opportunities for visitors to source footwear, apparel and equipment for the sport, outdoor and workwear sectors.

Organised by Euroglobal Trading, SportsGear Sourcing Days will bring together technical fabrics, innovative materials and high-tech accessories manufacturers from across the globe. Fifty companies are expected to participate at the upcoming event, presenting their latest products and previewing items from their autumn-winter 2015-16 collections.

The sourcing show will take place at l’Espace Rencontre, close to the headquarters or showrooms of a number of sportswear and outdoor brands including Millet, Eider, Patagonia Europe, TSL, Scott, Tecnica, Degré 7, Salomon, Mavic and Wilson.

Success for Indian leather exporters at US footwear fair

According to data published by the Indian Council for Leather Exports, Indian leather exporters at the recent WSA@MAGIC and Sourcing@MAGIC footwear fairs in the US secured orders worth $10 million.

The 22 companies held 300 meetings with prospective buyers with immediate business totalling $1.06 million and estimated follow-up business worth $8.88 million.

During 2012-13, India's leather exports to the US reached $525.3 million compared with $439.3 million the previous year, an increase of 20%.

During the first three months of the current year, 2013-14, India's exports to the US from April to June totalled $137.5 million, 15% higher than the $120 million in the corresponding period last year.

Mexico to host World Footwear Congress in 2014

The European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC) has named the Mexican city of Leon as the venue for the fifth World Footwear Congress, following Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro which hosted the conference in 2011.

Guanajuato is one of the leading footwear manufacturing states in Mexico, alongside Jalisco and Estado de Mexico, with an industry “characterised by a strong commitment to high standards and a passion for design and innovation”, according to CEC.

Around 600 participants - including footwear associations, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, journalists and policymakers - are expected at the event at the end of November 2014, with topics and themes announced in the following weeks.

Supra opens footwear development centre in Dongguan

One Distribution, the company behind Supra Footwear, has opened a new footwear development facility in Dongguan, China.

Staff at the 3,000 square-foot One Distribution Resources (ODR) facility will liaise directly with local factories, and the office will be headed up by Udi Shiloah, Supra’s vice-president of footwear.

It is hoped that the new facility will give the brand greater control over sourcing and supply chain, allowing it to make higher-quality products at more competitive prices. A dedicated scheduling and logistics division at the site will ensure that Supra products get to its distributors around the world as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

One distribution CEO, Scott Bailey, said: “The opening of ODR is one of the most significant events in Supra history. We have created a great working environment for our very experienced and highly skilled team.

“Our goal is to build great product and we will accomplish this by forging direct and solid relationships with the best vendors and factories in Asia.”

Tuscan footwear brand to cease production

Reports from Italy say the owners of the Lorbac footwear brand are to close their factory.

Lorbac, based in Castelfranco di Sotto in the province of Pisa, began producing high-end women’s fashion footwear in 1960 and built up a customer base all over the world. However, local media have said the family that owns the brand, the Bachini family, have decided not to continue.

They also said around 80 workers affected by the decision had taken to the streets of Castelfranco di Sotto to protest.

Heritage informs Woolrich’s first footwear collection

Woolrich has hired a team from Portland Product Werks (PPW) to design, source and distribute the outdoor brand’s first footwear collection, due to launch in autumn 2014.

The footwear and slipper collection features wool produced in Woolrich’s mill, said to be the US’s longest continuously running woolen mill.

“A walk through its mill is like stepping back in time,” said Carl Blakeslee, creative director at PPW. “It’s this sentiment that inspired us to create a footwear collection filled with hand-crafted, innovative details that have a heritage authenticity that we felt was lacking in the market.”

PPW will debut the collection at the FFANY trade show in New December and at January’s Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City.