Scouring / Roughing/ Pounding - K174E


The model K174E is a roughing machine for the bottom of the shoe, fully computerised, with front loading.


- Totally flexible : men's, ladies, children's and boots.
- Two work stations.
- Roughing operation allowing different pressures and speed at any programmed point and different speeds for toe, sides and heel seat.
- Istantaneous and independent programming and correction for right and/or left shoe.
- Five programmable axis.
- Programmable fifth axis (optional) : model K174E is the only machine of its type which enables the roughing brush to work in the same direction as if the shoe is being processed on manual machines, i.e. parallel to the shank.
The fifth axis enables the operating head to tilt ensuring perfect results at the edge of the insole and the successful processing of the very high heeled shoes with narrow ball areas.
- Automatic brush grinding and height adjustment.
- Very high output.
- Display touch screen programming system.
- Self diagnostics.
Manual grinding device (Optional).

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