Injector - K78SZ


The pulling over and lasting machine model K78SZ is suitable for any kind of work from the smallest children sizes to the largest mens, including safety shoes with steel toe cap, and also for all types of ladies shoes regardless the height of heel.
The K78SZ comes with wide range of standard features such as rotating pincers, optical projector, movable pincers system, motorized wipers stroke, timers for pincers opening adjustment from work place.
In addition, rearward drafting, single pincers opening device, pointed toes working kit and left and right heel rest movement can be fitted as optional extras together with the facility to produce "Goodyear" and "San Crispino" footwear.
Special movable wipers parts which extend the lasting over the beginning of the sides allow to make the whole shoe lasting in only two operations.
The 9 pincer adjustment allows the operator to feed very tight work with no difficulty thus creating an opportunity for significant leather savings.
The machine is hydraulically controlled and consequently offers a high work speed, exact pressure control, easy maintenance and much lower operational cost than comparative pneumatically controlled machines.
The machine has been ergonomically designed.

The company reserves the to supply products which may differ slightly from those described and illustrated in this publication.