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Turbo Belt

Belt Conveyor with Double Track Vertical Trolleys Movement and Automatic Synchronized with Vacuum Unit Ultra-Rapid Cement Drier and Reactivator for Sole and Shoe Installed on-it

Vacuum drying straight-line conveyor

Environment friendly, odourless, cement drying guaranteed
The new cement dryer conveyor TURBO BELT, patented all over the world, uses the “step by step” forward movement system of the trolleys for both shoes and soles. It is extremely efficient in increasing the products quality and the output quantity in the shoes or soles lasting department.

This hi-tech conveyor, due to its unmatched solutions, can be considered unique because it is:

  • equipped with a revolutionary vacuum drying and infra red reactivation system, suitable for all types of cements (ultra-rapid drying time, 14/16 seconds for each cycle/trolley).
  • designed with a symmetrical and integrated configuration with the view to synchronizing the work process on both sides of the conveyor, even with different models, which is used to obtain high production rates, up to 4000 pairs per shift, by feeding all the works stations each 28 seconds (trolley moving total cycle).

This integrated system, called TURBO BELT SYSTEM, comprises of:

  • a conveyor arranged on 2 levels (along which the assembly operations are carried out);
  • a metal rods conveyor with a built in hot air tunnel, LATEX DRYER, for drying the cement applied to the insole;
  • another stainless steel conveyor belt which incorporates on TURBO STEAM chamber for conditioning the uppers;
  • one or two heat setters with air high temperature and speed TURBO JET model; - one conveyor belt along which the roughing operations are carried out; - the cement dryer conveyor TURBO BELT, along which the primer laying operations are carried out, cement (1st coat) and (2nd coat) and sole/shoe assembling; which includes:
  • one warm air cement dryer tunnel;
  • one hot air cement dryer tunnel for the 1st cement coat (if solvent base) or a vacuum unit in case of water base cement;
  • one drying and reactivation (pre-chamber included) vacuum unit for the 2nd cement coat both solvent and water base;
  • tunnel for the crystalization of the cement and the cold setting of the shoe, before slipping the last, TURBO FROST model;
  • a conveyor belt along which the finishing operations are carried out.

The benefits that can be obtained by TURBO BELT, compared with the traditional systems are:

  1. Suitable for any kind of footwear (mainly sport);
  2. Decrease of the manual operations;
  3. Reduction of the materials in process;
  4. Higher output capability, from 25 up to 50%;
  5. Less labour required, from 10 up to 30%;
  6. Lasts saving, from 25 up to 50%;
  7. Less floor space occupied, from 30 up to 50%;
  8. 20% approx. greater bonding tight during the bonding test both in case of solvent and water base cements. This result is achieved by the vacuum treatment which eliminates any negative influence of external factors such as the room dampness;
  9. Environment protection due to the solvents aspiration system which is built in the conveyor structure.

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