Turbo Matic

Fixed Speed and Automatic with a Ultra-Rapid Cement Drier and Reactivator Installed on-it

The TURBO MATIC conveyor with temporized stops, provides for the handling of the semi-finished products in the lasting department. Its great flexibility together with its working features allows to obtain what follows:

  • perfect adaptability to the production of any kind of footwear;
  • reduction of the personnel entrusted with the production;
  • reduction of the materials in process at each work station;
  • reduction of the rotation times with the conseguent reduction of the lasts in process;
  • elimination of the materials waiting between one operation and the next;
  • reduction of the overall dimensions.

All of this with an execution speed and a treatment accuracy in the key point of the production cycle (conditioning hot + cold setting drying and reactivation), achieved by the introduction of some special technical solutions applied to the machines of the TURBO line. These, which can be built in or alonside the conveyor, are:

  1. TURBO STEAM upper conditioner and reactivator (off line);
  2. TURBO JET MATIC heat setter with high speed forced ventilation and humidification (in line)
  3. TURBO DRY MATIC vacuum drier and reactivator of all kinds of cement (in line);
  4. TURBO FROST MATIC chiller with high speed forced ventilation and humidity kept at 18% uniform.

It is imoprtant strssing that the adoption of TURBO MATIC concept involves no change as to existing machineries but only a better management, that is to say:

- organizing, managing and marking the rythm of the produtcion rate in a more profitable way with an absolute respect regarding the quality and produtcion standards;
- carryng out automatically some of the main operations (conditioning, hot + cold setting, dryng and reactivation).

The low cost investment, the high performance and the important saving which distinguish, TURBO MATIC use, allow also a short term redemption.