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Lator Computer

Fully-Computerized System

The conveyor LATOR COMPUTER provides for both the automatic distribution of the semi-finished goods and the control of all production data by means of a continuous cycle workstation-storage area and vice versa. The system is divided into two parts, one electro-mechanical and one electronic which also includes the management software.

The electro-mechanical part consists of:

  1. a series of conveyors belts;
  2. a series of workstations;
  3. a series of overhead or ground storage areas;
  4. a series of sensors and electro-pneumatic arms for the dispatching of the boxes;
  5. a set of boxes of dimensions correlated to the item.

The electronic part consist of:

  1. one or more personal computer, in local network, with printer;
  2. one or more programmable controllers (PLC);
  3. a series of optical readers.

The software consist of:

  1. database management;
  2. operator support functions;
  3. monitoring and alarm signalling functions;
  4. production data collection functions;
  5. various statistic;
  6. work load balancing.

The production data provided are:

  1. operators times and efficiency;
  2. times really used to the process the items;
  3. daily production;
  4. work progress;
  5. various statistic;
  6. operators efficiency immediate signalling by warning light.

All the electric components comply wih the current EEC standards.

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