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Super Lator

Feeder-Operator-Feeder Single Belt


The Super Lator is a semi-automatic system for the distribution of boxes, of varying sizes, containing semi-finished goods.
It is particularly suitable for firms with departments processing items in sequence and where the dimensions of the products are such that they can be inserted into boxes.
Typical examples are closing departments in shoe factories, sewing and assembly department in leather goods factories, furniture, sadlery and clothing industries.

The basic system consists of:
- A conveyor belt used in the transferring of the boxes from the dispatching point to the work stations :
- A series of work stations situed on either side of the conveyor belt whose distance in between, is determinated by the size of the tables as well as the size of the boxes.

Each work station comprises of:

  • a work table, equipped with an attendence sensor, to receiver the boxes.
  • an electro-pneumatically operated lever to make the box slide from the conveyor belt into the receiving table.
  • a lower support structure to hold the box with the goods being processed.
  • an electromechanical control panel. This is provided with pilot lights which signal the work supply situation of the individual work stations and it is also equipped with push-buttons for releasing the work station lever (this lever is operated to sort the flow of boxes from the conveyor belt to the work table).

The main advantages of the system are:

  1. Reduce handling time
  2. Reduce work in progress
  3. Increase productivity.

The whole system is very simple to use and can be operated easily; after the necessary materials have been inserted into the box, this one is then sent in sequence, by the person in charge of the sending, to the different work stations until all the necessary operations have been completed.

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