Nail-proof midsole for safety shoes

Security And comfort:

Zero perforation belongs to a new generation of textile products for midsole, primarily designed for safety footwear where you need total protection from accidental nail puncture. the characteristics of flexibility, breathability, and insulation properties against heat and cold, while also achieving extremely comfortable shoes, a fundamental characteristics for all those who wear safety shoes for many hours a day.


Zero perforation was done using overlapping the next generation of technical fabrics, made with high tenacity yarn, bonded together through a special process that gives the product flexibility and ease of handling during processing, expecially valuable during the stitching on the uppers, while leaving intact the robustness and resilience of the sinking of the tissues themselves.

Technical Details:

Zero perforations required by the new EN 12568:10. that legislation will come into force soon and will provide for the puncture resistance orf the material of at least 1100 N, without any sign perforation on the opposite side of the product. Zero perforation also passed all the tests set out in EN ISO 20345. it is available in insulation, antistatic, and conductive version.