RX Active

Data Sheet

Rhenoflex Active

Thermoplastic counter with very firm results and high resilience for wearing. Both sides coated with hotmelt. Suited for firm counters and hard upper reinforcements for highest requirements


Types available Advice of application Thickness

Rx Active TT 15 Medium Counter Approx. 1.50 mm

Rx Active TT 19 Medium Heavy Counter Approx. 1.90 mm        

Rx Active TT 23 Heavy Counter and reinforcement Approx. 2.30 mm


Method for use :                      Can be inserted flat or fingermoulded

                                                Required interface temperature for bonding : 95 – 110OC

                                                Required Temperature for moulding : 130 – 1400C

                                                Temperature at the hot mould : 150 – 1700C

                                                Dwell time : 15 – 20 sec

Alternatively use a hot tunnel to activate the upper together with the already bonded counter before the lasting procedure


All data may vary according to substance of material and type of upper


Cutting:                                  In Length direction as indicated on the sheets

Skiving:                                     Steel Bottom roller and i.e Fortuna skiving 361HP

Delivery:                                   In Sheets, 5 sheets stapled together and edge trimmed on pallets or as counters – already cut and skived


Sheet Size:                               Approx. 1.50 x 1.00 M