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BPM - Business Process Management

BPM™ is a Business Process Management application that helps to design and control business workflows. It was developed with the objective to better structure product lifecycle processes, but also to manage day-to-day business process requirements of any kind.

Procam`s BPM™ is about delivering improved business performance, easily automating processes, measuring their impact, and upgrading them in response to new ideas or external business events.

BPM™ was developed as the most modern multitier application, and is therefore scalable for all sizes of enterprises. More than 25 years of collective experience in the development of human-centered software solutions are concentrated in BPM™.

A wide range of customer-specific functions allows flexible operation for management and its teams. Selective supervision of mapped projects, and easy integration in the IT and corporate environment, lead to new, structured work, a powerful use of time and all other resources.


BPM™ - Benefits

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Analysis & Control
  • Process Improvement
  • Database Connectivity
  • Integration

BPM™ - Key features

  • Escalation routines
  • Multilingual Team building
  • User/Alias group management
  • Permission Management
  • Traffic Lights
  • Task delegation
  • Smart PDF-Packaging
  • Signature List
  • Data Validation
  • Individual user controls
  • Web-Service Interface





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