QY667-Hot & Cold Backpart Moulding Machine with Wipers


1. The QY667 Hot & Cold counter moulding machine has been developed to obtain a more linear, improvement with interface and rational design that makes the operation easier.

2. The cold mould is equiped according to offer the last for client.

3. Optical projector or pneumatic positioning upper equip with  wipers for models. 

4. Cycle marked by the column moving up to the rubber cushion then the rubber cushion get close to make wiper movement.

5. The outer and inner moulds, flanging wipers and pincer can be adjusted.

6. Operator introduce any kind of set values of machine cycle, by control panel hot and cold mould temperatures and also receive warnings alerts in case of malfunctions.

Technical specifications :

Dimension: 1400x650x1950mm
Power: 2kw
Weight: 300kg