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QY288-Double Layer Steaming Soften Machine


1. To soften leather and thermoplastic puff to do preparation job before lasting.

2. First layer is equipped stainless steel net conveyor belt to transfer heat and steam, bottom layer is activation oven with infrared tube and air convector, can be directly laying on the conveyor line, saves space.

3.Steam and hot air act on leather surface simultaneously, which accelerates the workmanship with better quality.

4.A special heat recycling system designed to save energy.

5.Patent steam boiler device with auto re-feeding function, make steaming flow average and continuous.

6. Stainless steel plate is used at steaming oven inside, durable and nice.

Technical specifications :

Dimension: 750x400x1050mm    
Power supply: 220v/50hz
Weight: 150kg                 

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