V5B-Double layer NIR Activation Cementing Line


1. Adopting NIR low lightening to creat infrared ray which activate the glue, the machine is energy-saving and efficient.

2. By using of duty cycle controlling system , the machine is ready for production in few minutes. Every sole can be heated under average,proper temperature.The activation effect is fine.

3. The duty cycle can be set according to different materials, which make production management easier. It can apply to different shoe-making methods.

4. With decent and proper design ,the oven on the machine can be combined and moved according to capacity and shoe-making methods. Installation and operation is easy and fast.

5. The second layer adopts adjustable double-way conveyer,and the first layer is equipped with heat-resistant PVC belt.upper and sole are carried at the same time in different layer. 

Infrared ray feature:

1. Infrared tube is with Around 8000-10000 working hours.

2. “The ray arrives, the energy arrives", the machine will come to use after stanting in a short time.

3. Heat is delivered through radiation. the electric power utilization is biggest, exhausting the least.

4. the all-directions infrared ray overlays, having no dead angle.

5. With the most suitable wave length of infrared ray, it will penetrate deeply the glue.

6. The length of assembly line can be moved on the conveyer acording to required capacity.

Technical specifications

Dimension: 1000x1500x2000mm // 1500x2000x2500mm
Length: 12000-15000mm  // 15000-18000mm
Power: 37KW/380V // 48KW/380V
Output: 1200-1500/10hr // 1500-2500/10hr