V16-Multi Layer Movable Infrared Soften Cementing Line


The machine use vertical multi-temperature multi-layer separated for heating activated process of shoes and soles, makes out better quality shoes  Productivity and energy-saving mode selection. Duty cycle theory control infrared heating time, the effect is much better than the ordinary temperature control, infrared heating saves energy by 35%.

On three independent control of the lower cycle of hot air duct from top to bottom, so that the flow of each layer can be heated evenly, keep production in consistent quality.

Advantages: Small size which saving working room but high output Movable rotated units to enhance or reduce the inner space as three times volume for user optioned.

Technical specifications:

Dimension: 1000x1500x2000mm  //  1500x2000x2500mm
Length: 12000-15000mm // 15000-18000mm
Power: 37KW/380V  //  48KW/380V
Output: 1200-1500/10hr  //  1500-2500/10hr