QY106-cementing production line


1. With PLC and Human-machine interface control oven, the side temperature of the oven can be control independence. As per the difference shoe model and material to control.

2. Apply to sample room and rink shape system to gluing and drying the vamp and sole.

3. Width of shoe shelf can adjustable, and a speed control conveyor for which it results a fast and effective to sole cements, and drying of glue is equable.

4. Design to circulate hot air system. Apply to dry all kind of glue.

5. The rugged and pretty body layout by minimal floor space, it saved electricity and nice effect.

6. After activate glue the fast conveyor deliver the shoes to the sole pressing site after the soles are adhered to the shoes.

7. A working place within the wipe glue position installs a ventilation device. To conform to the environment protection standard.

8. Installing fluorescent lamp, it examines drying of glue equation.

Technical specifications:

Dimension: The width and length of conveyor can design customized.
Oven equipment: 1.5m/2m/2.5m