FLEXOROBOT-tech manipulation of form with the upper

FlexoRobot is a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot designed for the footwear market, which can with absolute precision to manipulate the shape with the upper or the finished shoe to bring it into contact with any tool in your production needs.

Intended audience:

FlexoRobot thanks to the 6-axis of which is equipped to perform all the necessary paths to the most number of applications and tools provided by us or by exploiting the existing technology to preserve your company.


Carding bottom and side

Gluing the bottom and side

Positioning plates



Traditional machine tending

Carding laser

Laser Marking

Milling of soles


Enslavement drying oven rapid

Whatever the type of your production FlexoRobot is able to integrate and automate more steps of the process, even in sequence, incorporating a series of operations.

Can, for example, entrust the shape FlexoRobot that, after having recognized model and size, will proceed to the operations of carding and bonding, and there will return the upper ready for the application of the sole. All this with an absolute accuracy and without any margin of error, definitely a work out of the reach of even the most experienced officer.

The software:

The software will make your RSware operators can immediately capture a very high production capacity. RSware Robot System Automation software is designed and built specifically for robots. Windows environment and ease of use enables anyone to quickly and practical learning, even without specific knowledge of programming.


Savings of staff

Increase the quality of the product

Increased production capacity

All this is FlexoRobot for your company.