EAST/2 Extractor

EAST2 Extractor - extraction technology and manipulation

EAST2, represents the new technology Robot Automation System for automation of production processes of articles "All Plastic".

Intended audience:

Compact, versatile, easy to use, EAST2 robot is ideal for the extraction and manipulation of boots, galoshes, sandals, clogs and sandals.

The ingenerizzazione:

It consists of a gripper of extraction "universal", the RSA technology, able to retrieve and manipulate objects.

The elegantly integrated throughout the manipulator arm.

The working cycle is directly configurable by the user who, by the use of the operation panel type color LCD touch screen, digitizes the optimum extraction cycle.

Any changes will be set through the SW OFF-LINE, developed by RSA.

The Software:

Powerful: does not require specific programming knowledge

Fast: transmission via RS232 serial line

The software interface "OFF-LINE" created by Robot Automation System, Windows, allows use of simple 2-axis robot.

The possibility of varying all the parameters of movement of the robot during the work allows a net saving of time and therefore an increase in production capacity of the plant.

The Options:

SPC / 2 - system for application of release material for articles with no sock

EMA2 / 4 - extraction system and division risers

TAPE FOR TRANSPORT - for the transport of the article after the extraction operation

MAC2522N - automatic feeders regranulation

FMS - flexible and integrated system of transport and processing

PC monitor with touch-screen - to further expedite the use of offline software

Modem - for providing the tele-assistance service

Camera - for access to the optical inspection of the causes of erroneous operations of the system

Vision system - system of quality control of products

Recognition System Automatic - TAG RF for the automatic recognition of shapes