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CAD6, represents technology Robot Automation System to automate the operations of carding, the production processes of footwear with injected PU outsole.

Intended audience:

Compact and versatile, CAD6 is the perfect robot that combines the advantages of the application of an anthropomorphic arm to its ease of use and programming.
You can easily enter into the production layout, for example on a rotary injection, within an 'island of employment or any other industrial company.

The engineering:

Robot Automation System technology, includes a head full of carding dust port and a set of laser pointers.

Everything smartly integrated on the robot arm.
The working cycle is directly configurable by the user who, by means of a PC, change and control programs of carding, and can manage the whole robot system

The software:

The software interface developed by Robot Automation System, allows a simple use of 6-axis robots, enabling even the most inexperienced operator a fast learning to use the machine and an immediate capacity.

The Personal Computer with software allows RS_WARE:

a view of the carding program and change it quickly and easily.

the variation of all the parameters of movement of the robot during the work permetteno a net saving of time and therefore an increase in production capacity of the plant.

The wide possibilities for communication via Ethernet in the enterprise network, allowing you to use CAD6 in integrated production systems and to obtain useful statistics on costs and production status.

Optional equipment:

Sheets of safety - integrated system with the head of carding, consisting of a set of chargers for foils, by a gripper with suction cups for picking up and positioning and an applicator Hot - Melt for bonding

Glue gun - for applications in the production side gluing PVC

Automatic recognition system - TAG RF for the automatic recognition of shapes

Suction system-phase industrial vacuum cleaner for the removal of the chips resulting from processing of the carding

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